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Category: Career

  • How do you recover from a job rejection?

    Not long ago I’ve encountered this question from a connection I have on Twitter. It’s hard to deal with a “no” from a company you applied. It’s harder when the refusal comes from several companies for several weeks. I know it because I’ve been there.But that’s not the end.  In the following reading, I don’t […]

  • How I got my first job at 40+ after 6 months?

    Changing career it is not an easy decision when you live only with… yourself. Imagine when you know you are the source of your family which in my case is made out of 4+ my wife, you tend to double thinking.

  • Why I quit my full-time job as a jr. Developer after 17 days.

    The reason I’m writing this article is to share with you my early experience as a jr. web developer into a full job. It is but a mere experience of almost one year and a half developer, not a rule that Universe sends it to you.  Hi, I am Luc, a junior web developer at […]