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4 Steps to improve speed on a Divi website

Speed on a Divi Theme

At-hands tips.

If you ever asked yourself how to improve speed on a Divi website, I have some at-hand tips. Some of them were already known and some of them I discovered myself.

 As usual, I don’t make long introductions so here we go.

My approach:

1. Use hierarchy on HTML.

The old-fashioned HTML is well read by Google scrappers and metrics. Using an H2 instead of an H1 where you shouldn’t will not only make your website hard to read but also will decrease visibility when it comes to SEO. 

2. Connect your website to a CDN

This is a trick I learned in time. I use Cloudflare, their free version and it works like a charm at the moment. It is very possible in the future to subscribe to one of their plans but using their free options is okay at the moment. 

The settings in the CDN depend on your goal. For instance, Cloudflare has the option to have “always online” website settings, meaning that even if your website is down, the end-user will have the possibility to access it as they have a strong cache.

Improved speed on Divi website with CDN Cloudflare

3. Use a Child Theme

I use a Child Theme that inherits the main theme. There is no necessity to build a Child Theme from scratch. I’ve discovered that in half of the time you can gain the same results when it comes to speed by using Free Divi Theme Builder

4. Optimize your images.

When it comes to this one I use two options. depending on the time to work is necessary.

a. Photoshop. Using Photoshop is a gem sometimes. By sharing to 70-80% quality in jpg it will shrink the size of the photos and increase the loading speed.

b. Plugin. I use a plugin named WP-Optimize. It has several free options that I am interested in. There are a plethora of plugins and I also used Smush-Lazy Load which is doing a good job when it comes to lazy loading images.

With the above said, you reached the end of this article. Hope it helps you in your journey to discovering Divi.
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