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3 Remote jobs that don’t require Programming.

3 remote jobs that don't require programming
3 Remote jobs that don’t require programming

Working from home was never easy for me, so I will briefly share my experience with all of these 3 remote job platforms that don’t require programming. Generally, people think that spending time in front of a display all day long must be easy, for me it isn’t. When I started my coding journey, I needed to earn money as I was learning. You probably heard of Upwork or Freelancing platforms, because they have popularity in the dev world. Nevertheless, I tried the below Remote Jobs Platforms.


I am not an affiliate to any of the websites below and I do not have any earnings by writing this article where I mention the below companies. I intend to help you out by earning some extra money if you are starting into programming and you need an extra while you are learning.

  1. Appen
    Appen is an AI teaching company. What they do is they are teaching AI how to listen, learn, and execute tasks on a human voice command based. They have different tasks and a plethora of companies that they pay for. You must choose your kind of task. They have Micro Tasks, Surveys, and Projects. The only requirement where there’s a need to study is on the Projects. Where the partners within Appen have their tools and you, as an applicant need to learn the tool you will work with. The range per task varies. According to your location. I live in Spain, so, the price per small task they offered was between 10€ and 15€. When it comes to projects, it depends because the payment is per hour. I usually got between 6€ and 13€ depending on the period and the difficulty. The process of being accepted into projects sometimes is a bit tedious and needs patience, and sometimes is smooth. If you need more info and register, just go here. They also have an app for iOS (it’s what I’ve tried) but it’s having a lot of lacks, so I used the bookmarked link.

    Tasks-Appen Remote Work

  2. Lionbridge.
    It is similar to Appen but more rigorous in its process of accepting newcomers to work. The process consists of a basic tool to learn and then for any project you need to learn the partner’s tool(s). The payment is similar to Appen. According to your area and tasks. They are using a program based on hourly payment which for me was a bit hard to understand overall. I have chosen some small tasks of proof-writing and proofreading. And if you know more languages, you can choose the translated side where you’ll need to translate short voice messages or to translate documents. You can visit their register page here.

    Lionbridge Work From Home

  3. M-Turk
    M-Turk stands for Amazon’s Mechanical Turn Key. They have thousands of tasks paid by pieces or small projects for the 3 remote jobs I am mentioning. According to your level, you receive open tasks and payment increases.
    From writing bills on paper to translating phrases from one language to another, as a newcomer, you can receive up to 20€ per task. For the particular task of reading the text from a bill, I used an app similar to Google Keep. You can download the Google Keep app here, it also comes with instructions on how to use it.
    M-Turk Remote Work Covid

    If you feel like not reading how to use it, and you just need to know how to grab text, here it is:
  • open the app Google Keep (I assume you’ve downloaded it)
  • take the photo (or screenshot)
  • go to the three dots in the upper right corner and click there
  • grab the text with the option “Grab Image Text”

When it comes to payment, on M-Turk I used my own Amazon account as back in the day it wasn’t allowed for my zone (Spain) to add a bank account, now they do. I suggest you’d check your area before starting to work so that you make sure is on their list of availability. There are also other ways of getting your money from the M-Turk that are a bit tedious and you must use gift cards. I have never tried it, but it is an option. Before you do that, please inform yourself about the risks. I haven’t added intentionally a link to Amazon’s M-Turk because it depends (again) on your location.

These are the main platforms I used to earn some extra cash while I was diving into web development. I hope it is helpful for you.

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