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Category: Coding

  • My Technique to take notes

    When it comes to taking notes, every one of us, as coders, we use different techniques. As usual, if you have read before any article of mine, I don’t like long introductions, and if this is the first time you are here I would like to present myself: Hi 👋 I am Luc, a fresh […]

  • Improve your online presence – review

    I just got astonished! Catalin is the man that got to gain more than 230 followers per day on Twitter the last couple of months, thus, at the date, I am writing this review it has nearly 40k. About two weeks ago he sent an invitation to review his e-book on how to “Improve your online presence” and […]

  • Take screenshots for your website for free.

    I know that this topic has been already talked about and thousand of liters of ink has been poured out, but today I am sharing this with you because for me as a beginner is so useful. Hi 👋, I am Luc, a fresh front-end developer in his early 40’s. Quick background. I am not thrilled […]

  • What is the best development course?

    Yes, I know! This sounds like a cliche! But, I am not selling you anything and I don’t expect you to follow my leads as you’ll read this article! What I do expect from you is to be you! Hi! I am Luc, a junior web developer over 40’s of age. I will quickly share […]