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Category: Coding

  • Four reasons why I chose to learn Vue

    Spoiler alert: this article is not a comparison to React! Now that you decided to continue to read, let me say that this week I started my new course on Vue. I am very impressed with how so little code can make so large difference, in comparison to native JavaScript. I am still waiting for […]

  • Three facts about Git I’ve should’ve known

    Last week I started to learn Git. For my career is a crucial tool that as a newbie it needs to be on my portfolio for future projects. So, in this week’s article, I’ll write about the importance of learning Git, as usual, I broke the article into points so that to me as a […]

  • My Path to web development at 40 of age

    Perhaps this is an ordinary title that normally Google scrapers won’t show to so many people as it is often used. My plan was to write this week’s newsletter about Git and why it’s needed to be learned, as I start to learn it, but, since I saw the need to tell part of my […]

  • I started my developer career, now what?

    So, just like me, you started, let’s say two years ago your developer career, but you feel you have a dead end.  Fear not! We all pass through this, so, in a way it’s normal.  Below, I give you some points that helped me in times of need and still do.  Hey, I am Luc, […]