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Category: Coding

  • How to add a shadow to an images using CSS

    Recently I needed a shadow around the image of my portfolio. So I asked around on how to do it, of course I google it as well. I found two options that I see them fit to every needs. One is on Canva and the other one is in native CSS. As Niall suggests. I chose […]

  • 4 Reasons to build your own Portfolio

    Hey, long time no see. It’s been almost three weeks since I haven’t wrote, so it’s good to be back. As usual, I don’t make long introductions, so here we go. 1. You get exposure! creating your portfolio you get to be known. Whether is for job hunting, connecting with other developers, or practice, people will […]

  • Three ways to build your Portfolio.

    While there are plenty of tools to create a portfolio, you can develop your own. I always thought that creating a portfolio it’s a difficult task and with a difficult task I tend to procrastinate, but this is another topic that I might tackle in a future article. Nevertheless, in time I learned that breaking […]

  • Four reasons why I chose to learn Vue

    Spoiler alert: this article is not a comparison to React! Now that you decided to continue to read, let me say that this week I started my new course on Vue. I am very impressed with how so little code can make so large difference, in comparison to native JavaScript. I am still waiting for […]