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Category: Coding

  • 4 Steps to improve speed on a Divi website

    If you ever asked yourself how to improve speed on a Divi website, I have some at-hand tips.

  • UX experience must be like an apple.

    As a 40+ person or Gen X, I needed to understand and apply a good visual experience to all generations of the new technologies when building websites.

  • How to get clients as a web developer newbie

    As this is a well-known topic in the web development world, I want to approach it this time from a newbie perspective with over 40 of age. What you’ll read is my experience since I started my web developer career. As you might already read here, I landed a dev job as a freelancer after 6 […]

  • From minister to programmer

    The last two years have been a total switch to me and I must admit they were challenging. Overcome low self-esteem. I know that self-doubting comes when one doesn’t trust in its self, but low self-esteem comes from a deeper feeling. I believe it comes from a self-image that we have of ourselves. An image […]