Boost Your Profit with Google Local Business

boost your profit with Google Local Business
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As someone who aims to assist small businesses in enhancing their online visibility, I frequently suggest creating a Google local business. You might boost your profit with Google Local Business with this quick solution but like any other approach, it has its drawbacks and benefits.

In this short article, I will share my personal experience on how to boost your profit with Google Local Business by improving small businesses’ online presence on Google.

1. The Need and How to take advantage to boost your profit with Google Local Business

My usual morning routine involves having coffee with my wife outside the house. While waiting for our orders at the restaurant, I usually check if the restaurant is registered on Google Maps. Although most of them are usually present, their online visibility is weak, with no updates, pictures, menus, or descriptions. This is why I offer to help them improve.

2. Approaching.

I understand that restaurant owners are often busy people, so I highlight the significant advantages of creating a Google local business. Here are some of them:

  • It does not require maintenance
  • There are no monthly payments
  • It can improve Google’s ranking
  • It enhances business credibility

These are only a few examples that I share with possible clients.

3. Pros.

From a freelancer’s standpoint, some advantages of creating a Google local business include:

  • You do not require coding skills
  • You do not need to optimize it for SEO since it comes with integrated tools
  • It already has a mobile-friendly design

4. Cons.

There are some drawbacks when you establish a Google local business. For instance, if you also want to create a single webpage Google profile, you are limited to the available Google templates. Additionally, you can only use 80 characters for the headline, and there are limits to the description and summary headers.

5. Benefits

Creating a Google local business can significantly impact a small business’s online visibility. With the use of specific keywords and phrases, business owners can have an optimized local business appear in Google searches related to their products and services. This increased visibility can lead to a rise in customer traffic and ultimately, higher sales. And this is wehn you come to the stage.

Let’s recap:

• find an affordable path to the need of small businesses
• approach the owners by highlighting the advantages
• save time with already built-in tools from Google Local business templates
• it’s a win-win for both owners and freelancers.

Final thought:
Google Local Business is an excellent way for small businesses to improve their online visibility. Despite some downsides, it is an ideal option for a freelancer to boost a bit the profit.
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