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How to restore your self confidence

I know from personal experience that self confidence is the best friend of the human being. I don’t pretend that I know all things, but I really wish someone had told me before how to see this in perspective.

Especially when it comes to build a new career.

Hi I am Luc, a fresh developer in his early 40’s.

Identify spots that made you lost your self confidence

Whether is a job refusal or a negative circumstance we tend to think it’s our fault. That’s not the case. Feeling guilty and loosing self trust, hurts on the long term.

One step to identify what made you loose self confidence is to stop trying to find the solution before finding what caused it! This step is the first step that helps restoring self confidence. Also consider this questions:

Is it someone’s attitude?

Is it past failures?

Remember, we are all living different seasons and you shouldn’t be alone.

Asking for help might really… help you.

Reinforce what you already achieved.

Memorize things for me was always hard. Lately I have to use Magnesium as a boost. So, I always revisit every three months what I’ve learnt.

I look up my notes, check the past codes and past work I previously made. By doing this I reinforce what I already know and I am establishing myself into what knowledge I gain.

Looking at what you have previously work, built and learnt will help you boosting your self confidence whether you were refused by a company or whether you see no value on what you do.

Questioning your decision on development career is a good point sometimes, in most cases brings you to “the why” you do it! If it’s your passion, excellent! In time from my own experience, I can tell you that passion diminishes. New circumstances appears, changing, or just.. life happens. When you are passionate about coding, build a routine, build a habit. Even though that in time passion will fade a bit, you’ll have the discipline.

Be aware of your true value.

We are humans!

We all have struggles. Sometimes circumstances comes against us and the pressure is tremendous. When this happens it’s time to breath in hope and exhale the pressure accumulated.

During hard times is difficult to remember all the good things we had and we tend to focus on the problem so much that we aren’t capable to see all the good things that we had experienced.

The value of what you do isn’t the value of who you are.

That value comes from what you had given to people and what you had offer to others, during your career or life.

Value comes as well from the fact that you have friends and family that you love and receive their affection.

Even if your work isn’t valued at a proper worth, you matter because you exist. Your very existence is important to your closest ones. There are people that see you as their inspiration and to them you are valued.

Value as well comes from your plans. Your plans are those that boost up your confidence when are seasoned with hope.

You WORTH it, because you WORKED for it.

And finally you are not defined by past failures, someone’s refusal or knowing only 5 technologies, you are defined by your decisions. And the best decision you made was to push forward against all odds and against all contradictions in your own mind.

Wishing you the best, I thank you for your time and we’ll “meet” next week.