How I overcame self-doubt!

You might know part of my story if you are following my account on Twitter, but I have never opened myself on social media at this level and share my personal experience until I realized that I can help people, I can “really” help people.

I don’t like long introduction either so I brake the story in three briefly parts:

  • acknowledging you are doubting yourself;
  • you are not alone;
  • there is hope;

Acknowledging you are doubting yourself

Doubting myself is one of the most dangerous paths, as it is a hindrance to progress and improvements in most cases. 

It is connected with fear and the fear of failing. I have seen myself on so many occasions when the most important opportunities have passed near me just because I left them due to fear of failure and self-doubt. Until enough is enough is enough.

You are not alone.

I know that this subtitle may not give you hope, but hold on a second and allow me to share my thoughts with you.

When you see yourself as the only one that experience in the way you do, you tend to isolate from talking about it, thus instead of using that experience to give to others and empowering yourself, you focus on your experience from a negative angle thinking that you are alone in this. When you are in self-doubt let me tell you blankly that we all have the feeling, yes it’s important what you feel, yes it’s important that you doubt yourself, yes you need to canalize this toward a good goal, and yes you can.

There is hope.

I am sorry, I‘ve should’ve said “There is always hope”. To start, look inside of your heart, look back at everything you have accomplished, DESPITE self-doubting, despise everything you have experienced, you are HERE, in a turning point when you want to change this. And there is hope, you are your only hope and your experience can become your catalyst to explore more opportunities despise self-doubting and fear. 

These two feelings are normal, and without emphasizing this as a bonus in this article I will give one of the keys of how I overcame them: I DIDN’T! I learned to live with them and transform them into a benefit to others and myself. I started to talk about them, share them with family, friends, and ultimately share it here so that others may be encouraged. I don’t pretend I always win over these feelings, but I learned to identify them and take action. The most important action I took is to not deny them and understand they are part of my life, 

I hope this week’s article will encourage you and bring hope. Until next week, keep shining your knowledge and continue to pursue your dream.