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Category: Career

  • Three ways to build your Portfolio.

    While there are plenty of tools to create a portfolio, you can develop your own. I always thought that creating a portfolio it’s a difficult task and with a difficult task I tend to procrastinate, but this is another topic that I might tackle in a future article. Nevertheless, in time I learned that breaking […]

  • 4 Reasons why you should set goals.

    Setting goals gives you long-term vision and short-term motivation. By setting clearly defined goals, you can measure the achievement of those goals, seeing forward progress in what you think might be a long projects. Hello, I am Luc, a web developer in his 40’s and I document my journey into web development career. Seeing the […]

  • Four reasons why I chose to learn Vue

    Spoiler alert: this article is not a comparison to React! Now that you decided to continue to read, let me say that this week I started my new course on Vue. I am very impressed with how so little code can make so large difference, in comparison to native JavaScript. I am still waiting for […]

  • Three facts about Git I’ve should’ve known

    Last week I started to learn Git. For my career is a crucial tool that as a newbie it needs to be on my portfolio for future projects. So, in this week’s article, I’ll write about the importance of learning Git, as usual, I broke the article into points so that to me as a […]