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Category: Career

  • How to get clients as a web developer newbie

    As this is a well-known topic in the web development world, I want to approach it this time from a newbie perspective with over 40 of age. What you’ll read is my experience since I started my web developer career. As you might already read here, I landed a dev job as a freelancer after 6 […]

  • From minister to programmer

    The last two years have been a total switch to me and I must admit they were challenging. Overcome low self-esteem. I know that self-doubting comes when one doesn’t trust in its self, but low self-esteem comes from a deeper feeling. I believe it comes from a self-image that we have of ourselves. An image […]

  • 4 Reasons to build your own Portfolio

    Hey, long time no see. It’s been almost three weeks since I haven’t wrote, so it’s good to be back. As usual, I don’t make long introductions, so here we go. 1. You get exposure! creating your portfolio you get to be known. Whether is for job hunting, connecting with other developers, or practice, people will […]

  • Three ways to build your Portfolio.

    While there are plenty of tools to create a portfolio, you can develop your own. I always thought that creating a portfolio it’s a difficult task and with a difficult task I tend to procrastinate, but this is another topic that I might tackle in a future article. Nevertheless, in time I learned that breaking […]