4 Reasons to build your own Portfolio

4 Reasons why you should build your own Portfolio

Hey, long time no see. It’s been almost three weeks since I haven’t wrote, so it’s good to be back.

As usual, I don’t make long introductions, so here we go.

1. You get exposure!

creating your portfolio you get to be known. Whether is for job hunting, connecting with other developers, or practice, people will get to know what you do and what you are passionate about. A portfolio can help you also to bring new customers if you plan to freelance, in fact, a portfolio nowadays stands almost like a Resume, and it’s a must if you ask me.

2. Is a method of self-discovery and confidence building 

A portfolio can also help you in the future see the you develop your skills. You can look back and see what skills you knew, for instance, a year ago and add the skill you learn meanwhile. Having a portfolio you can ask for feedback from other devs and they can give you advice so that you’ll improve it.

3. It keeps you organized

For many of us, self – taught or students, time is important when it comes to programming. A portfolio can help you organize your accomplishments, can help you set goals and categorize your aspirations and it shows who you are and your personality.

4. It helps you implement what you are learning.

Building your portfolio helps you practice what you are learning and gives the feeling like in real life. It also helps you find a new way of working and you discover new things while you carry out the work.

These 4 reasons I discovered them by myself while I was building my Portfolio. It took me around 10 hours and I’ve created it during 10 days. It was a small personal challenge that I wanted to accomplish. You can see the work I’ve done here and the source code here.

If you’d like to know the methods and the way I created it let me know and I will write a full tutorial about it.

Until next time, keep building great things.