Improve your online presence – review

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I just got astonished!

Catalin is the man that got to gain more than 230 followers per day on Twitter the last couple of months, thus, at the date, I am writing this review it has nearly 40k.

About two weeks ago he sent an invitation to review his e-book on how to “Improve your online presence” and it was an astonishing read. It’s a very compact book with very essential information and practical examples. Or as he likes to say:

“This is not a book with guru information that makes you an instant success. This ebook is for people that understand everything comes with patience and hard/smart work.”

It doesn’t take too much to get to the conclusion that the book it’s written in a simple and understandable way maintaining a friendly line. It’s an interesting book since as well it tells the errors that the author made and gives you advice about what not to do.

The content it’s dragging your attention always on “how to’s” giving you the right tools and explaining the main differences between various social various platforms having graphics of evaluation for better understanding.

Having always the reader on focus, the book comes in a format where after you buy it, you have access to updates without you being obliged to pay again. This is a great deal as it’s meticulously detailed and it brings a great understanding of how to increase your social media presence.

The book itself it’s a tool in the hand of a beginner into social media and as well for the most advanced users.

You can pre-order it here at a pre-release special price of 19.99